Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Fun-day

Bre, Addison, Melinda, Wayne, Truman, Alex, Landon and in front Andrew, Laila and Sophia.
We had family dinner today with some of my favorite people... the above pictured crazies, and Poppa Lyle, Wanee, Holly and Bre's parents: Julie and Rob Briggs.
It's been fun getting to know Alex and his children, Andrew and Sophia, better.  They seem to fit right in.  Andrew reminds me of little Addison with his glasses and silliness and gentle ways.  Sophia is dramatic, loving and out of control.  Alex is a very patient father.
It was so great to get together.   Having Addison and Bre here for the week has been such a blessing.

At dinner I looked around and really felt momma Sheri missing.   It's so hard sometimes I can't breathe.

My Dad said his testimony meeting could have been called the Sheri Show part many sweet remembrances about momma were shared.  Dad made it through sacrament meeting then spent Sunday school time up at momma's graveside reading a book to her.   He says mornings are the hardest.

I bore my testimony today in honor of my momma.  I have a grateful heart.


I loved standing by my dad at the viewing.  He would introduce me to his old friends and tell them that I was the most like Sheri.  I loved that!   But then he would do a finger-circle thing by his head and add..."You know they are both crazy."  Why couldn't dad just let the first half of the sentence stand alone?  He got a good chuckle so he used it two or three more times.  Love him.

The flowers at the cemetery are still out and gorgeous.  I have walked up there the past few days and I have felt such peace being at momma's grave.  I also had my own private pity party....too many tears.

At the end of the viewing...after we were all exhausted from so many hugs and greetings, Dad had us all gather and sing, "Once I went in Swimming."  The funeral directors wondered what was happening.  We couldn't stop laughing.

I was really touched by childhood friends, teacher friends, ward friends, old teachers and so many relatives at this shindig.  We printed 400 programs, because that's what the mortuary said was a lot of programs.  We ran out.  We should have done 500.

 We put the FUN in it that's for sure.   When Adam started his talk by saying there are many people that he wanted to see dead before his mother....and that some of them are here brought the house down.

I couldn't believe Marcie fell as we were coming off of the stand from singing in the Christmas choir.  It was great when she stood up, smiled and held both arms up to show she was okay. She said she knew she was going down, but it was like angels stepped in to stop her fall and keep her from being hurt.

I'm thinking how crazy Jordan and Ryan were at the funeral.  It was a start and stop Eulogy.  I never really loved the reading of the obituary at a funeral anyway, so this one will always be memorable. I knew Momma loved I love it.  Everyone is just trying their best.

I love my Uncle Steve.  The story he shared about mom being described as a teenager as having more personality in her little pinky than most people have in their whole body was priceless.

Playing Sousa Marches for the Ham and Funeral Potato luncheon was perfect.  Momma requested it and said no one would be sad with Marches playing.  She was right.

The Christmas choir was so fun to sing in.  We sounded pretty good for inviting people to sing out of the audience and not practicing.   I loved singing my guts out and feeling the love from all of the choir members for Sheri.  Sheri certainly sucked them all in, just like Angela said.

As we were leaving the cemetery, Marcie's grandson, Ryan found a huge puddle and stomped and splashed up a storm.  He had a devilish smile on and couldn't stop laughing  No one could get him out without ruining their own sunday clothes, so he got totally soaked before he was finished.

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S Foster said...

I'm glad you documented this so I can go back and read and remember that funny, sad and sweet day. Your family is simply amazing.
love you