Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Pics and Remember When.....

Laila and Grandpa Lyle.... She thanked him for helping her through her toughest times....
Marcie set up a grand hot dog bar, with all the toppings and homemade corndogs fresh out of the fryer...yumo! Liz figured out mom's Macaroni Salad recipe... she is now in charge of this.
Poppa Wayne with Sophia, Laila and Andrew 
Wayne and his crew this Father's Day.... Tru, Sophia, Andrew, Alex, Landon and Laila
The Grandkids love Grandpa....Gpa Lyle wanted all of the kids and grandkids who were there to get in the pic with him.... We gave him an ipad so he is busy learning about the gospel libray program, facebook, insta and face time.  He has already posted some pics. 
Sibling Pic--We were missing Angela...(she is off to Alabama for Debate nationals.)  Adam and Christine are moving on Thursday so this was our chance to get a sibling pic... Marcie, Liz, Dad, Melinda and Adam....

Dear Dad--- Daddy-o--Poppa Wayne,

Remember when you came all the way to our little place in Ogden at night just to help fix our computer problem? that was do thoughtful!! -bre

Remember when you were my scout master and we went on hikes, even a 50 miler (ugh) which I didn't want to do but you made me do it anyway, I was so glad I did. And we built snow caves and slept in them? Ours weren't the coolest looking but we were the warmest out of everyone else.- Addison

Remember when we went to fathers and sons, and we played ultimate frisbee, and Mark Briggs knocked you out?- Addison

Remember when I came to XAXdesign with you once a week. That was my favorite day. I felt special, especially when we'd go out to the little pond in the front and drive your little remote control boat with moms face on it? – Addison

Remember when you gave me a fathers blessing in the random church parking lot right before I left in the MTC? -Addison

Remember when you danced like a crazy man for Laila on the cruise ship and won a trophy? -- Addison

Remember when we were golfing at Bear Lake for my one and only time and you let me drive the cart in circles over and over?  Yeah. -- Landon

Remember when we were at the dinner table and Sophia kept yelling hey and when you answered she pointed at you and said, “You’re my best friend.”?  -Landon

Remember when we went ice caving in the canyon, only all the ice caves decided they should melt?  –Landon

Remember when you were traveling and I was really little and you would just bring me back the peanuts from the plane and coasters from Chile’s as a present?  –Landon

Remember when you took me scuba diving at Bear Lake and afterwards I got so sick so we had to leave camp? – Landon

Remember when you would take me on the back of your motorcycle.  I had a huge, wobbly helmet on, and we would go down to Maverick and get white donuts? –Laila

Remember when I was on a mission in Michigan and you wrote me letters every week and helped me with scriptures and stuff? –Monson

Remember that one time when  you picked me up and threw me in Grandma Butters pool?  That was fun.  – Laila

Remember that one time we had a tickle fight.  And all my friends would scream and run away? –Laila

Remember when we would walk over to the ball park and you would get me a tigers blood sno cone?  -- Laila

Remember when you would stand and pop all of the popcorn for my carnival?  --Laila

Remember that one time we topped at the gas station and you bought powdered donuts?  -- Tru

Remember when we would stay up late and you would turn into the tickle monster?  Tru

Remember when you were dancing on the cruise ship and you started break dancing on your back, and we all thought you had fallen over?  -- Tru

Remember when I fell out of the truck as we were driving and you  came and picked me up from the middle of the road? – Tru

Thanks for Remembering.—Love your KIDS

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