Saturday, June 15, 2013

Laila's Carnival.....again

 We had Laila's carnival today...and it was a great success. We raised over 900 dollars for Primary Children's hospital and Cancer Research.    We had  cotton candy, popcorn, Si Cookies, sponge throw, fish pond, clown toss, find the frog, face painting, penny pitch, silly pictures, plus the tramp and the swing set for kids to do and enjoy.   Laila and friends are old enough to "work" the carnival we were grateful for the little kids that showed up...and the adults with the money, as well.

Max Eiting
Andrew and Sophia
Megan Call facepainting
Heather Kofford helping with the fish pond
Genacie and Savannah running the bean bag in the Clown toss
Holly throws a sponge.
Preston showing off his gecco
Gpa Lyle joins in the Cotton Candy festivities.
Alex helps run the fish pond..and Nash fishes 20 times!
Kimi and Melinda... as the check in table
Wayne is king of the popcorn, and Kimi spins the cotton candy!
Workers:  Genacie Ekker, Jonah Ekker, Max Eiting, Heather Kofford, Becca Welch, Brooklyn Farr, Laila, Andi Farley
Other workers:  Megan Call, Savannah Bentley, Alex Madsen  and Courtney Egers....

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