Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Flashback

Laila has had some fascinating insights this week.  She was out laying in the snow with the boys on Sunday night, throwing snowballs and what not.  She came in and I gave everyone hot cocoa.  She drinks hers then announced, "Mom, hot chocolate makes my arm pits warm."

She has  on her "dreams"  part of her Christmas see Jesus.

She told Monson when he was bugging her: "If you keep bugging me,when I get older and I can drive, I'm going to tell my birth mother on you."

Laila is always standing on her head.  This started about in October and she is constantly doing it.  Her hair is always messed up as a result.

She has an imaginary friend named Jarrett.  He lives in the cereal cupboard.  Laila loves to clear out all of the cereal and be in there with him.  She has decorated his home with stickers.  Jarret is very smart and Laila talks to him a lot.  She is very sad if the boys pretend to step on Jarret.  She actually cries.  When she wants to stay home and not go with me places, she says, "It's ok Jarret will tend me."  Or, when we leave Monson home or Landon she tells them that Jarret is here with them..... and the Holy Ghost.

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