Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Flashback Funnies

Laila had some funny sayings this week-- I went to cut her fingernails and she didn't want me to.  She said, "I need them long to get the bad guys and the crooks."  She was doing her part to protect our family.
She played a lot with Jarret, her imaginary friend in the cereal cupboard and informed us that, "Jarret is so much smarter than me."

Monson is always watching a basketball game on tv and Laila said, "Monson how come you always watch basketball, basketball, basketball?  You need to watch something else like a kid show like me.  If you want to stay a kid, you will watch kids shows."

Laila is always standing on her head.  On Sunday, I ran Truman up to BYC  and I had just pulled Laila out of the shower. Wen I got home she was a "big Girl" and had put her blue dress on and was ready to go to church.  After church, I turn around from the sink, see Laila  was standing on her head without any underwear on, and scream from shock.  This was the first time she realized it too.  She started to cry, "I forgot my underwear..." It was funny, and then we had a modesty talk about why it's important to wear underwear and to double check before you leave the house.

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