Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day recap

We are at the end of this beautiful Sunday.  It's been a good one.  It's hard to think that this is the last Mother's Day I  will have with my momma on this side of the veil.  She is still amazing.  Still lifting and giving and being positive and spreading her sunshine even with a stomach full of pain and knowing her time is limited.  I love my  momma.  She looks like an angel.

I did get some great time with my kids.  Truman spoke in church today about Charity -- Unconditional love and how he learned it from his sweet Grandma Sheri.   He almost made it through with out crying.
Addison and Bre face timed from Florida. They sent me 3 songs of them singing, and a silhouette of "Mother Knows Best."
Landon and Alex brought beautiful flowers with them, and a fun drawing board.
Laila wrote me a darling card and got flowers with Wayne to give to me.   I got a new dress from my Aunt Diane and  to top it all off a wonderful hour long phone call from my missionary Monson.
I made them all take a picture with favorite Mother's Day tradition....much better than breakfast in bed!

Wonderful Wanee....
 I love this guy.  He makes my dreams come true.


Si said...

Absolutely LOVe the pic of you with your Mum.
Love it.

bre and add said...

so sweet. sorry we couldn't be there for our annual picture! your dress is so cute! grandma really does look like an angel :)