Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dino Van

Yes... This is what I drove around for a few years...the Dino Van.  I was very popular with the under 8 crowd, which Tru and Mons were, so they thought this was sooooo coool.

This was taken at the end of a wonderful swim day..could have been any holiday in the summer celebrated at Grandma Butters Pool.  I loved those days.

Mom tells me, as she is dying in her bed, to accept change. Embrace it.  It's really all there is.  That and love.


gma vh said...

Melinda. This has become my favorite post from you. It describes Sheri inside and more inside. It is true. I know it. I am so sorry for your separation from her. It is so very hard. Love you much, my VT.

S Foster said...

Classis pic. The good old days, Funny I didn't think this was weird then, but I do now.
Sheri is a wise woman. love you.