Thursday, May 30, 2013

Funeral Recap

Bre's sweet sister Kirsten took notes at the funeral.  This is her recap of all of the speakers.
 She writes:   This was such a wonderful funeral, wish you all could have come. Sheri was a truly amazing woman.

Angela - Sister 1
-never stopped trying to improve herself
-made everyone feel like you're her favorite
-best multitask-er
-saw the beautiful in life, it was a matter of attitude, positive outlook and attitude
-she loved life
-she would get people in her life by getting them sucked in
-she was everyone's biggest fan, she was their cheerleader
-dance, sing, speak in public
-she was inclusive and always had big crowds of people and parties, everyone was welcomed
-she had disappointments, but she learned to love people anyway and TRUST in the Lord's timing
-she looked at trials through God's lens, it was an "event," something that would pass and something she was just going through - always positive
-husband and wife were devoted to each other. Lyle gave her the space she needed to be creative and use her talents.

Elizabeth - Sister 2
-sisters trip - eating, shopping, games and growing together.
-Sunday night "chicken checks"
-big traditions (pie, scones, and donuts on Halloween)
-change is good, change is ok
-"don't wait, enjoy life -eat the pickles!"
-"people are more important than things, love one another"

Adam - Brother 1
-to choose the happy, no one can make us angry or upset, we choose I be that way, find the funny and humor in things, use it to be happy through the tough times...cherry cola story
-love everyone, see a quality that you love in everyone, even if its just their nice teeth
-don't be afraid to reinvent yourself and strive to improve, no matter how old you are
-way to go graduated!

Melinda - sister 3
-she lived, she loved, she left proof
-makes your hopes and dreams feel possible
-dance was such a talent of hers
-she was a master teacher, always teaching about Christ
-she was a talker or "taco"
-she loved quality time and conversations
-she could talk to anyone about anything, she asked lots and lots of questions and wanted to know all about you
-she was a collector of people
-her mission statement: to return with honor, to leave with no regrets, read and learn all she can, bring joy to self and others, create environments, to encourage others, can-do attitude, love unconditionally --this was her greatest talent.

Marci - Sister 4
-a builder of people, a lifter of souls
-well meaning, charitable and kind (benevolent)
-she "made-whole" and uplifted those she rubbed shoulders with 
-no regrets, none of great consequence 
-no living up to one's potential and not allowing herself to be happier (NOT Sherri)
-she loved to spend time with those she loved
-mom was a "do-er" and always striving to be better
-it's not "why me?" but "why not me?"
-"did you love everyone?" "YES!"
-the gospel of Jesus Christ is true! She knew it.

Stephen - Sheri's brother
-always the light of the party..more personality in hr little pinkie than most people have in their whole body.
-embraced all facets of life
-if it were raining fireballs she would put them in a pit and roast marshmallows
-a finisher
-never negative
-driven and strong sense of commitment
-always partook of the sacrament, she said her week was never the same without it
-her forte was the way she loved people
-you can't truly love someone until you sacrifice for them - Sheri did that
-love is a sealer of souls, the sweetness of the savor of life, unreliable in its affects, it is god's gift to us, it is only when we are feeling it that we can come to know his Son
-the spirit can salve your feelings - hope takes away the pain of lose, charity in your heart, kindness, compassion, they are beacons of brightness = all found through Christ
-did I love enough? did I laugh enough? did I make a difference?

Final kiss
Momma's siblings:  Diane, Bailey, Darlene, Steve, Brad
Lynn and Sheri's sister  Lynette

Piper played "Amazing Grace"
Wayne says the Dedicatory Prayer

Holly comforts "Cole-my buddy"

We went back to the cemetery later in the evening.  We told stories, relived the day and sang "Once I went in Swimming" and "Love one Another."  Dad was in great spirits.   He loved this day!


Teri said...

Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing with those of us who couldn't be there. We WERE there in sprit!

S Foster said...

I love this.