Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Flashback


Landon asked Laila if he was her favorite?  She scrunched her face up and said, "Well kind of...on this earth."  Landon asked her what she meant.  "Well," she said, "My favorite is God."  Then he said,"Well what about being your favorite brother?"  And she said, "No" and pointed up...."Jesus is."  So now we know where we all stand, after God and Jesus.

We have been working on her "th" sound when she talks.  She uses an "f" or a "v" instead.  So we are trying to help her.  Thing instead of Fing.  Both instead of Bof.  You get the idea.  So she was saying Muhver, for Mother.  I was correcting her.  She tried and tried to say it right.  Finally she just gave up and exasperated she said,  "I'm just going to call you mom."

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