Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Flashback

We took Laila into the Dr. for a strep test.  At the hospital the nurse was asking questions and going over things.  Laila got on the scale; the nurse told her she weighs 33 pounds. Laila's eyes got big and she said, "I am growing up.  Soon my little clothes... I will put them on ...they will explode into a million pieces... So you have to get me bigger clothes" She informed the nurse about what she is allergic to. "I'm allergic to pink medicine, but it tastes so yummy and me and my mom are allergic to weeds and I'm allergic to cotton, not the kind you wear, but the kind that falls from trees."
She is something.
The nurse replied that Laila is so smart and Laila said with a side smile, "Yeah, I'm 4 1/2"

We were saying prayers on Tuesday night and Laila said, "And please, please, please bless all of the butterflies that we can never catch them so they will always be happy.  And please bless Addison that no alligators or crocodiles will eat him.  "

At the stores, all of the Halloween decorations are out.  Laila was explaining how scary it is to go to the stores now and said, "I saw one fing, an I was scared to deaf and then I saw that uver scary fing and I was scared to deafer."

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