Friday, May 10, 2013

Funny Friday Flashback

Laila had the first soccer game of her life this past week.  It was so funny, I laughed until I cried.   Truman did too.  She is sooo funny.  She loves people and to make friends with new people, so she is not shy or afraid of new situations.  Her team is the Blue Princesses and that's exactly how they played. Like Princesses.  I'll give you the highlights.  She picked up the orange cones which are placed around the edge of the field for the out of bounds.  She wore it as a hat for a while, then she walked around with it on her butt and finally she put it down and used it as a stool...all the while the game is going on.   Her uniform pants were way too big.  (I'll have to sew them smaller. ) So every time she did get involved in the game and started running down the field, her pants would start to fall down and  she would have to hold them up to run.  The other team kept scoring and ours did not.  Every time they scored, Laila would say, "oh man" and roll her eyes and slump her shoulders.  Finally she parked her body in their goal net, and wouldn't get out.  She didn't want the ball to go in.  At one point, she fell on top of  girl on the other team and the funny part is, she wouldn't let her up because she didn't want her to score.  Every time she saw my camera out, she would stop and pose for us to take her picture or do a ballet bow.  It was just a series of one funny thing after another.  ANyway, I can't wait for the next game.  OH, and she runs with her tongue sticking out the whole time.  Every time she came off of the field she wanted to run over to the distracted.

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Si said...

good thing you recorded this . She is such a funny girl!