Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Funeral Talk

Welcome to the Sheri Show!
The title of my talk is :  She lived.  She loved.  She left proof.
 I met my mom  July of 1962.  It was love at first sight. She was gorgeous, talented, kind, and so wise.   I grew up in a very loving household.  One filled with the gospel of Jesus Christ .
     As Mom’s Scottish mission presidents would say… “There goes Sister Cole…scattering  Sunshine”—the goodness and optimism kind of Sunshine and Son- in the Son of God with her strong testimony of the Gospel.  She scattered Sunshine everywhere she went.
     Today I would like to focus on my  mom’s many talents.
I asked my children to share about their Grandma.
    Monson said:   “One of my most favorite things about Grandma Sheri  is that she was always there supporting us in anything that we did and she always wanted to help us be the best at it.”
    Laila said;  My Grandma was the definition of courage and love
    Bre says: Gma Sheri taught me to love unconditionally, to embrace my divine nature as a daughter of God, that I am more than I could ever understand, and that life is that we might have joy. 
   Addison says Grandma Sheri was one of the most influential and important people in his life, and he wouldn’t be who he is today without her.
   Truman loved how he could share his hopes and dreams with Grandma and she would make them all sound possible and encourage him to move forward
   Landon is going to miss his talking buddy. His angel.  She was such a light and strength.  A true fighter.  A believer and a lover
   My momma had many talents…being  a beloved Grandma was one of them.
   Being a remarkable mom was another …. We all felt cherished. Singing together, boating together, shopping together and being in shows.   All summer long we spent at Grandma Butters pool because our mom would take us and be with us day after day.  We worked together, and celebrated EVERY Holiday! We always felt like we had more than enough.  Mom’s positive attitude had a lot to do with that.
   Dance was always mom’s great love…. From her teen years , dancing at the U of U and then BYU to teaching dance in our home studio to choreographing for groups all over the Wasatch front.  She has danced her way through life. But my  favorite dance was watching my  parents time and again, dance around the kitchen and my dad asking us, as he gave my mom a big dip and a kiss…”Kids, do you know how much I love your mother?”   We never doubted their love.
    Sheri was a master teacher.  She opened minds and hearts in the classroom, in church meetings,  in the board room and all across America.  Mom taught at education week many times.  And she was always teaching about Christ and sharing her testimony of light and goodness, just by being her.
   My mom had a great gift of gab! Talking was really one of her spiritual gifts and along with that was her gift of listening.  …..Mom was an empathetic and  insightful listener.  Mom didn’t just talk just to talk…she adored quality conversation…quality time.  Mom was a talker…or as Little Landon used to say it….a taco.   Mom was a self dubbed taco… too
   Mom was always the last one leaving a church meeting..she had to talk to everyone there.  As kids we were just glad we always lived close to our church so we could walk home  Sheri loved to linger longer.
     I remember talks that put her teenage daughters “Back together” after particular hard days at school or with friends.  I remember talks that put her middle aged daughter back together as well… She would pump us back up with her words of love.
    Mom loved to talk on the phone.  We had to have the home phone with the longest chord.  She  would wander all over our house, cleaning, preparing food, helping us all the while talking on the phone.  My dad teased that she should have surgery and get it permanently embedded.   She answered the phone different than anyone else, in her low alto tones….. “good morning…good afternoon….good evening....Happy Halloween.”  
   Mom could talk to anyone about anything. She was all about sharing….what happened at church?, what is a cherished Christmas memory?   Did you see the clouds today? What’s the latest book you read?   What do you feel about the atonement?
    Mom could talk anyone into anything……another talent… I know all you out there that had never been in a show before, or danced before or sang in a choir before Sheri talked you into it, know what I’m talking about.
   My mom was a collector of…….well, not things and stuff…but of people.  She was a great gatherer!  Once she had weaved her magic Sheri spell over you…she had you.  We discovered all of our friends liked our mom way more than us .  She was like a magnet.
   While working for Franklin/Covey mom created her own mission statement that resided just outside her bedroom door for years.   Two weeks ago as we were celebrating mom’s final birthday on earth…we all gathered around her hospital bed for a big Christmas and hymn sing along/talent show.  Then mom had her final teaching moment where she went through her mission statement line by line and discussed with us the importance.  Her final goal was to have unconditional love.  She was so great at this.
   The thing  about my mom is you don’t have to do anything or be anyone for her to love you.  She just loved you because that’s who she was.  She could see you and me and everyone she met through Jesus’ eyes.  She had a talent for Unconditional love.
   I’m so grateful for all of my mom’s many talents that she shared so freely.
My momma Sheri……..She lived, She loved, She left Proof
Me and Daddy at the viewing
Laila, Grandpa, Preston and Ryan

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Erin Blake said...

This is so beautiful Melinda. What a perfect way to tell her story and share her gifts. I hope it was a day full of love. Love you. erin