Thursday, May 16, 2013

.......what I'm thinking now

I've cried every day in May

My throat hurts from holding so much emotion there

I have to gear up to go out in public. I know there will be someone who asks about mom

Hugs feel great

I'm not amazed at how many lives my mom has touched but she is

Going through the death process is difficult but it's been a privilege to hold mom's hands, rub her feet and talk to her daily

I'm tired and easily distracted

I love my momma's hands.  I'm trying to memorize them, and her face and her voice
My sister's and my momma's hands...Angela, Me, Mom, Liz, Marcie
It's Laila Day ( May 15)..... 11 years ago we brought our little daughter home

I never thought I could sterilize, fill syringes and inject meds so efficiently

There is a lot of food at moms. People are so kind. Mom can't eat any of it. She hasn't eaten since April 28. We are all eating for her.  Ironic

Throw up stinks

Glad to know of the plan

Wondering when this vigil will end

Momma looks like an angel

It's hard to breathe

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bre and add said...

ohhhhhh this picture is so sweet. be strong momma :) you can do hard things. i can't wait to give you a big hug. i love you!