Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On the Momma watch

We have Momma home now in a hospital bed in the living room. We have all had to learn to do her meds through her pic-line. It's quite a process.....every 6 hours so.   Good thing we have Landon and his CNA training. He has been the best nurse.  We are not doctors and nurses...we are actors.. only play these parts on the stage.
Landon and Gma Sheri.   Marcie made the cute hospital gown.
We are all taking turns spending the night, sleeping by moms side, ready to help with the puke pan, potty and meds.

She wakes and vomits and then is happy to talk and visit with everyone.  We have had a lot of visitors: ward, family, friends, theatre, students, teachers, all walks of Sheri's life.

There is a good and bad of dying this way.  It's nice to have visits and discuss plans, share card and facebook sentiments, cry and say goodbyes. It's so difficult to see the pain and watch my sweet momma dwindle away.  She is my bright light.

We got this poem from a Jr high friend of  Mom's.

For Sheri

I stood on the steps
Of my new school
           New kids
           New teachers
           New chances to be awkward
                      Too smart
                      Too klutzy
                      Dressed wrong
             The wrong religion
And you smiled at me
I never knew why; I still don't
But the memory of that smile
Sustains me still

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