Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eat to Live

We are Eating to Live.
Wayne, Melinda and Landon are ONLY eating fruits and veggies...and beans and nuts....for 6 weeks.  We are all 28 days  into it, and so far so good. Wayne is down 18 lbs. and Landon and I are  down 14.
We are reading the book EAT to LIVE by Joel Fuhrman MD and trying to do what it advocates.
We are trying to have a plant based diet and stay away from animal products  and processed and refined foods. It's been a healthy switch and relatively easy.
 I'm amazed at my lack of cravings....especially for chocolate.
I think this whole past 9 months of having green smoothies, has prepared us for this next step.
This kind of eating really helps Landon.  His migraines are few and far between, and his headaches have lessened.  It stands to reason that food is the culprit to so many of our ills....diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, headaches, asthma, cancer...all are linked to diet.

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Teri said...

Tom and I have been doing it as well. I agree, it's very easy to stick with.....good luck!