Friday, January 18, 2013

Flashback Friday

Laila is a little jabber girl.  She is so funny.  She has all of her brother's songs memorized and sings them  to the boys while holding and petting their hands.  It is so cute to watch.  She is really into drawing...scribbling...and reading her books.  She can definitely take care of herself.  When anyone gets a hurt she tells you to go see Dr. Eric  (Belnap...a vet)  because "he is nice and he will fix you."

She is a monkey.  We went to the zoo with Christine and the Cole girls and it was fun.  She was fascinated to see the animals and she especially loved the monkeys and the snakes.  When you ask her what a snake says, she sings the song from Jungle Book that the snake sings, "trust in me, trust in me, close your eyes and trust in me."

She likes to clean the windows in our house.  She gets the spray and sprays the windows and wipes it off with napkins.  All of which she gets herself.  So we have really clean windows from two feet down.
Oh...and we now call all of our sandals and flip flops, "Slip clops," and of course lipstick or chapstick is "bips."  She is wonderful.
Laila showing off her bips

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