Sunday, January 13, 2013

Amazing Snow Storm

W got over 36 inches of snow in one storm!  Wayne and the boys have been non stop shovelers ever since.  They do our home, the grandparents, the widows and the neighbors.   Talk about a work out.  Laila loves to play in the snow...but not for too long.

 Heather Kofford, Savannah Bentley and Laila took about a 1/2 hour to get all bundled up...then were outside in the 14 degree weather for 10 all snowy and cold and came back in.
Laila struggling to perform a reverse snow angel. 
I love the snow in January.  It's how it should be.  It's so sparkly and gorgeous and covers up all of the yucky yards.  The christmas lights look fabulous in the snow. (I'm  now calling my Christmas lights, Martin Luther King Jr. Day lights, then they will become Valentine's lights.  )  Wayne says I love the snow because I don't have to shovel it....Tru agrees.

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