Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Have A Laila

Laila's tribute to Martin Luther King day....her own version of I have a Dream...

I have a dream that the crude storms and floods of hunger will evaporate and be replaced by a feast of sunlight.
I dream that the battle of depression will be beaten by the sword of happiness and hope.
I have a dream that the terrible hurricane and tsunami of drugs and alcohol will end with a drug-free rainbow that will last for all eternity.
I have an amazing dream that the weeds of hatred and cruelty will be pulled out of the ground and be replaced with  the flowers of forgiveness.
I dream that the books I read are but a drop in the ocean of learning that will take place in my lifetime.
I have a dream that the mountain of life will be cherished and the black hole of abortion will disappear.
I dream that the world will use bat eyes while looking at colors of the skin and will use eagle eyes when looking at the loving heart.
I have a dream that the rains of kindness will flood the dry cracked ground of bullying.
I have a dream that the grain of sand of freedom will join others and become the boulder of justice.
I have a dream that the baseball of theives and liars will be caught by the  mitt of honesty and truth.


Rachel Emily said...

This is hilarious. I'm dying.

Kimi said...

So beautiful.