Friday, January 11, 2013

Funny flashback Friday

Laila still demands Macaroni and cheese, cocoa and pop almost every morning.  SHe is a kick. I got her a new,  yellow nightgown at Bear Lake and she insistes on wearing it every night....and sometimes most of the day.  She loves to twirl in it.
She insists on putting on her own shoes.  Big white shoes.  The shoes she wants to wear are always too big for her.  She looks like a clown.   It is very funny.
She gets into these obsessive jags where she will say the same thing over and over, even if you recognize what she said and agree with her.  She just keeps saying it.
She is a terrible two lately.  Having to have her own way or no way.
She has AMAZING bed head in the morning.  Her hair sticks straight up.  She loves her circle hair.

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