Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Flashback

Sunday is here again...yeah...the older I get the more I love Sunday.  It really is a great plan.  We get up in the morning and I say, "It's church day" and Laila says, "I love church!"  She really does.
 She is a handful in sacrament meeting though.  Last Sunday, during the opening prayer she said very loudly, "Addison, close your eyes!"   Benches all around us couldn't stop laughing.  She is like a ricochet rabbit--bing, bing, bing-- in church but she's usually quiet as she does her visiting all around the chapel.  If she is good I tell her she can go and sit on Wayne's lap during the closing song.  She loves to sit on the stand and she is happy about this.

Laila can swim like a fish.   We take her tube off of her and she dives down and picks up rings and swims back to the surface.  It is the greatest thing to watch.  Her eyes are open and she is smiling the whole time.  So now basically, she is really dangerous.  A little skill and no know the combination.  It is a riot to watch her though.  She is so tiny.  She swallows the water and sometimes lets out huge burps...then she giggles.

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