Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Typical Tru

Tru and his friend Cassie tried and tried to get Justin Beiber tix, (beyond actually buying the tix last year when they went on sale for a 100 bucks+).  They have entered every contest around.  He posted on Facebook that he had two tix to the concert and VIP back stage passes.....but he didn't.  He just wanted to throw it out to the Universe in hopes that it would happen.
He is in parts and pieces of old Cole Collection outfits.
Tru and Cassie even talked her dad, who is an over 60 grandpa, into dressing in drag and going to the Valley Fair Mall  for a radio contest.  They went to the mall with 142 crazy dad's and their daughters.    Radio personalities gave Justin Beiber tix to the winner..... they didn’t win. The dad looked scary hilarious.  He truly loves his daughter.  Cassie said that’s all she wanted before she left on her mission in 3 weeks.   

They entered KSL studio 5’s contest and even spent hours at the Home Show hoping their ticket would be drawn and they could go see Justin Beiber.  No luck. Finally they settled for eating Justin’s favorite food—apple pie and photo shopping pics of them as Justin Beiber’s back up dancers….and putting it on Facebook and Instagram.   He got over 100 likes on both sites.     

So many people think this is real, it’s hilarious.  

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