Friday, January 4, 2013

Funny Friday Flashback...

I have gotten all of my Christmas down, and I even cleaned and organized a few spaces in my home.  One of these was "the junk hole", aka...the office that is behind our stair case.  It's where all things electronic go to die, and where anything that we don't know what to do with gets placed.  Plus it's where we store our road bikes and biking paraphernalia   We could barely walk into it.   I had Wayne and Laila help me haul everything out, give a lot to the DI, and fill our 3 garbage cans to the brim.  It felt good.  I also gave away 4 boxes of Christmas stuff.

Why am I telling you all this?....oh, yeah... I found some old letters that I had written to my mom and dad when they were on their Scotland Mission in 2004 and letters to Addison on his Louisiana mission in 2005-7.  In these letters are little nuggets of humor, wit and wisdom by our sweet toddler and then little girl Laila.

This year I'm going to do a Flashback Funny Friday and share any of this old stuff that I come upon.  Stories about the boys too...but mostly about this funny, spiritual little girl, Laila.  I used to do this in old scrapbook form for my boys, but now that I do everything digital and my blog is my family scrapbook, I want these sweet memories to be somewhere besides in a mission letter.

Here's the first one:

Laila is so funny.  We are trying to get her to say her full name.  Laila Shanae Welch.  She asks the boys their names  ( all Cole Welch) and so now she wants to be called Laila Cole Welch.  To resolve this all of the boys have changed their names to Shanae Welch.  It is very funny.  Monson Shanae Welch.  Laila laughs when they do this.  "No Nae Delch," she says, "Cole Delch." She is determined.  Once she did say "Laila Nae Cole Delch"....that is progress. It is very funny, especially to hear the boys.

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