Sunday, January 31, 2010

Washington Online

I work with a wonderful group of women.  

I stand all amazed at what they accomplish for our school and their focus on children.  We have a great "fearless" leader too ....this helps a ton.

I'm heading down to St. george for my semi-annual teacher training. 

It's great to get away, be in the sun and feel the camaraderie of being on a team.  

It's amazing to me the ideas generated and the skills and talents we share between us.  Everyone of the teachers has so much to offer.  Computer skills, organization skills, writing skills, math skills, marketing, activities, communication...oh, the list is endless.

Confession:  many times I walk away from this group feeling quite inadequate....then I remember my calling of Comic relief, and I'm okay.

We just completed a state wide Poetry/Art festival.  We had over 250 participants either stand and deliver a memorized poem, or display a piece of art work on the theme of "Seasonology."  We held these in 8 different locations.  Every event turned out spectacular,with happy kids and happy parents.

I feel really blessed to have this online teaching job.  It allows me freedom to be in charge of my own hours. ( I love that.)   It keeps me home for my children. I get to work with close friends and my mom---so fun.   It gets me doing something in education and working with children/teens.......which keeps me sane. 
Yep-- I love my work.
St. I come!

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Si said...

I noticed this about the pic. 1. It looks like some people are Photoshopped in, weird.
2. Your Mom has her hand on the girl in front of her. Sweet.
3. Three people I know look really a lot thinner in this pic!
4. Love that Laura is wearing a bright color. Looks so good on her.
5. You are wearing GREEN. hmmmm.
6. Oh, this isn't about the pic, but I didn't workout today. Totally on your head.
love you.