Friday, January 29, 2010

Change Questions Book

I  just finished a book that has consumed me for days.  IT's not a novel...but I loved it like one.  
It's the new book from Wendy Watson Nelson (one of my girlfriend's stepmom).
 It's called, "Change your Questions, Change your Life." 
 It was a wonderful read for me.
It really made me think.
Sometimes, books like these just make me tired......and I only get half way through and the book goes on the shelf to be read at a later date. 
 This book was put together in an interesting manner which made it really accessible to me and my wee brain.  The graphics and type styles that changed kept my right brain happy, while the truth's expressed fed my soul.  

I really loved the 7 questions that can change your life part.  
One of these questions is "What is the One question I most need to have answered from the Scriptures today?"
I'm going to be working on this scripture experiment challenge. 
 I posted the page from the book so you can read it and maybe join me in it. 
 I would love to talk about it to someone..... 

I guess I really need a book like this right now. 
 It's always feels like a tiny miracle when a thought provoking book  comes my way.  I have had other experiences with books being handed to me by friends  and family that have really helped me to see life and light in new ways.  I feel the Lord's hand at these times. 

I'm going to keep this book by my bed side and return to it again and again.


MCC said...

Sounds like a great book. I will have to get a copyof it and join you. We all need a change, especiallly of the spiritual kind.

Laur said...

Melinda, I love this! Is Wendy Nelson....... Brenda Miles' stepmom? haha....

Lesley said...

I am going to go buy this book! Thank you.