Friday, January 22, 2010

Laila is 8

Laila is 8 years old today.
I can't believe it.  She will be baptized on Feb. 6th.
Where does the time go?

She asked me to wake her up this morning at 2:24am  and sing to her " Happy Birthday", because that's when she was born.
I did.

If you can see the clock, it reads 2:24am......She was bleary eyed, but pleased.

Laila thinks her birth mother was probably mad at her for being born at such a crazy hour.
I assured her that her birth mother was excited and wasn't sleeping  much at that point anyway.

All Laila wanted for her big day was to get her ears pierced.
She can't wait to wear "hangy down" earrings.

We have made many  decisions in our married life.  Some good, some not so good.  One of the greatest choices we ever made was to adopt a child.
 Heavenly Father has blessed us greatly with this awesome spirit.

Happy Birthday Laila....I'm so glad you were born!

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Kimi said...

I'm so glad too!