Friday, January 1, 2010


2010 is here.

We are a decade into the 2,000's and it feels good.

It's fun to remember the New Years Eve of ten years ago.

We all got food storage for Christmas because "the end" could be here.

We dressed up in sparkly outfits and tuxedos to share the one "last" dance.

We made "2000" glasses and put together a time capsule.

Our 4 boys and extended family all celebrated at sis Marcie's home. ( Laila was in heaven watching)

We feasted on Prime rib and bread pudding....

We didn't know if our bank's computers would be working the next day to keep track of our money.

We did fireworks in the fog. We couldn't even see across Davis Blvd. the fog was so thick.

We wondered what tomorrow would bring, or if it would come at all.

I was only young!

It was a fun New Year's Eve celebration and a little nerve wracking, all at the same time.

I know I'm not the only one who felt this way...

So..... it's good to be 10 years into this millenium.

In this decade......

I've gained and lost the same 35 pounds.

Added Laila to our family

Traveled to Scotland, England, Germany, China, Mexico, Belize, Dominican Republic, Carribean.....and New York many times.

Been in 4 shows.

Driven 4 different family cars

Went back to teaching school...first in the classroom at BHS, and now online.

Gotten better on the computer.

Started Emailing.

Became a Facebooker

I text

joined the blogging community

chaperoned on 5 choir trips

lost my Father in law and my Grandma.

visited my parents on their mission.

sent a son on a mission.

went to the winter Olympics.

remodeled our home.

Whew....I'm tired just thinking about it.

Now we are on to the next decade......Yippey!

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Si said...

you have been busy.
umm. very funny comment on my French Onion Soup blog. hilarious.