Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful for Great Friends

 I have really great friends.
 I'm lucky enough to have old ones and new ones that I just love.
I have neighbor friends, ward friends, school friends, work friends, family friends........I'm surrounded by an amazing group of ladies!
The main reason I love my  dear friends  is because I know my name is safe with them.
I read this "name is safe" comment recently on another blog, and it really felt true for me.
 My friend's don't gossip.
 They are good and kind and humble.
They help me want to be a better person,  just by being with them.
  I know that they’d never say anything behind my back that they wouldn’t say to my face.

Now that, that right there is awesome.
 It is the sign of a quality individual.
Does this mean we always agree on everything...Cleanliness? Laundry how-to? Movies? Restaurants? Clothing? Child rearing?  Books? Cooking?  Germs? Vacations?
 Heavens no, where’s the fun in that?
But even when they disagrees with how I do something, or think I’m just plain whacko, or even if/when I accidentally offend them, I know they are going to tell me about it straight out......and love me anyway.

This is the kind of friend I hope to always be.

This is just a photo sampling of some of my great friends...I wish I could find pics of all of you,...but you know who you are.......

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erin noelle said...

sniff sniff. Great post. You have really hot friends.