Monday, January 18, 2010


Truman was born 19 years ago on Martin Luther King's Day.
 It was on the 21st of that year. 
 We thought Truman was going to be a  girl....ultrasound mess we were not prepared in any way for the surprise baby boy.
 We didn't have a name.
We liked that he was born on this holiday so we thought about naming him after Martin Luther King.
 We  considered naming him Martin......liked it, call him was also a family name.   We even considered naming him King....but all of the boy's middle name is Cole, so King Cole Welch just didn't quite cut it.
 We settled on Truman after my grandpa Cole and Truman's Great Grandpa Truman Cole.  And it fit better because.......he wasn't  girl, he was Truly and Man.
Sorry Martin.

Laila's thoughts on Martin Luther King Day.
Laila:  I love him.  He saved my life.  Without him my life would be crappy and you wouldn't be my mom.
ME:  What do you mean by that Laila?

Laila:  Well he made it so skin color doesn't I love him.


Laur said...

I love Truman. I love Laila. I love you and your whole family. I loved this blog.

Lesley said...

I remember that Truman was going to be a girl... something about you falling down in the aisle in church while trying to get out of your seat changed everything :-)