Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Secret Agent Man

For Wayne's birthday, all he wanted was a place to sit down in his house.
After two months in the remodel...Wayne has had it!!
He is sick and tired of being banished to the bedroom with all of the family on top of all of the mess.
Well........................He got his wish.
Truman and I hauled the family room furniture out of the living room today, and set it up right before Wayne walked in the door.
He was thrilled.!!!!
No presents just a chair to sit in......the new kitchen is his present.....(It's good to start getting things back around, and I'm loving the new space. I'll post pics soon)

He did get some gifts .................
For Christmas we gave Wayne new license plates for his Jag.

AND.....a framed Baby Blues cartoon strip that typifies Wayne's life.

It reads:
Hammie: Hey dad, my teacher wants you to speak at our school's career day
Dad: Me???
Hammie: Yeah. She says your job sounds interesting.
Dad: Really? Wow! I'm flattered! Not many people think what I do is all that exciting.
Hammie: You are a CIA agent, right?

Dad: Why did you tell your teacher that I'm a CIA agent??
Hammie: I thought you were!
Dad: Hammie, I'm an Assistant Deputy Director of Nonessential Goods in the Purchasing Division! Does that sound like a CIA agent to you?
Hammie: No. It sounds like a cover for a CIA agent

My Undercover Agent leaves for VietNam soon.....he'll be in and out of that country in a very short amount of time. I'm just saying.....

Happy Birthday Boyfriend!!!


Kimi said...

What a nice gift, a place to sit. I can't wait to see your finished space! Is Wayne okay with being outed? He's probably acting like he thinks it's funny too. 'Haha! That's so funny that you pretend to think I'm a secret agent. You guys are a hoot!' *Tiny, nearly undetectable sweat droplet*

Lesley said...

Happy birthday Wayne!! I can't wait to see the pics.