Thursday, November 21, 2013

Old songs

I love old songs.

I love to sing You are my Sunshine.   It's fun to clap and sing parts with.  It's such a happy song and always reminds me of my Addison....shine.

I have been learning Tonight You Belong to Me  to sing with Truman and anyone else who will sing it with me.  It's awesome to harmonize.

When I was little sitting in the back of the station wagon,  I loved when  my mom and dad would sing old songs all of the way home. I felt safe and comforted by the sound of their voices. All was right with my world.  They would croon  Carolina Moon, Blue Moon, A You're adorable, Let me call you Sweetheart, Show me the way to go home, God gave the Wisemen their wisdom.... (I really don't know the title to this, but I loved how they would sing it.)

We don't travel and sing so much anymore...too much technology keeping everyone happy. It's a shame really.

This little song clip is from last October.... It's a gem.   I love how dad starts to cry...and Mom tells him to stop.... so good to hear them singing together.  She had such a mellow alto voice.  Love it.  Miss it.


Carolyn Black said...

SO sweet! You made me cry. Thanks for sharing it

Tara said...

I loved this. It made me cry too. Your parents are so sweet, and I really love Sheri. I hope you are doing okay this holiday season. I've been thinking about you.