Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Laila's Alphabet thank you

I didn't know Laila was making up an Alphabet grateful list of her own...but I found it in her school books and wanted to share.

I am thankful for.......
Art that has been made by my mother
Books that transport me into extravagant places
Caramel apples that can extinguish the lack of tastiness
Dynamic Dads watching over us with bundles of love
Extremely magnificent parents
Friends and family that are always there for me
Grandparents that give everybody unconditional love
Holidays filling our hearts with excitement
Ice cream cooling us off on a hot summer day
Jolly ranchers with sweet aroma while the sugar is slowly melting in your mouth
Kids running with energy
Laughter filling my ears with joy
Mother comforting me with times get tough
Nutella spread all over my bread
Open arms welcoming me home
Pointe shoes making you dance around the room with pride
Roller coasters
Telephones that allow me to keep in contact with my friends
Upcoming baby
Valley View or Vacations
X-tremely awesome parents
Yellow because it's my mom's favorite color
Zzzzzz softly humming in your sleep

I think she's trying to soften me up for Christmas gifts.  

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