Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Family Flashback

Sept 9, 1996
Landon is playing soccer.  Every time he gets hit he looks over to his parents like..."They hit me. What are you going to do about it?"  But he is the team cheer leader while playing, of course.  He gets every one excited and ready to play.  Truman also plays soccer and is probably the best player of the bunch.  He thinks that the soccer ball is his and he is out to protect it at all cost.

 Then there is Monson.  His new thing is....if he is playing on the computer and things aren't going his way he yells, "There is trouble in this room...There's trouble in this room!"  If he is in the bath room and needs help he yells, "There is trouble in this room."  If he finds himself in any kind of stress he yells the same thing.
Monson has the greatest freckles on his face.  They look like they were put on special by a Hollywood make up artist.  His mother kept telling him that they weren't freckles but Angel kisses.  He kept saying, " yuck."  Well yesterday she told him that he had the  neatest freckles and he looked at her and very disgusted said, "Mom an Angel kissed me...don't you remember?"

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