Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thoughts about Thanksgiving....

I loved all of the pie parties..... Pie equals Love to I was filled with love and pie all night.  Si and Marcie are both amazing cooks and their homes were filled with laughter and treats!  I love Si's Apple Cranberry pie so much.  It's a lot like rhubarb, kind of tart and the color is perfectly pink.   Marcie does a bread pudding that's to die for....infact Bob Farley says it tastes like what the highest degree of glory in the celestial kingdom would taste like, if it had a taste.  Leave it to Bob to think of something like that.

There were so many pie parties across the country that my mom started..... she was the pioneer in the 70's and I know of 6 that happened last night in honor of her.

Confession:  I cried making the pie crusts for the banana cream pies.  Mom always made my crusts and I only had to fill them. I cried thinking about it for days ahead and cried while doing it....   that's kind of what I do now, I cry before the holiday, missing my mom so much,  and then on the day of I'm fine.

Now that another awesome Thanksgiving has come to an end.....I want to discuss something.
It seems that EVERYONE's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving...which is really awesome, but a little bit sad to me.
I get that Thanksgiving is all about family and being thankful and food and just hanging out and being together and I love all of this.
The part I really don't like about this weekend is "Black Friday."  I want the Friday after Thanksgiving to be "Family Friday" instead.   I think it's a tragedy that stores are now open ON Thanksgiving so we all can get a jump on the big sales.....for the next holiday, which isn't everyone's favorite holiday anymore.  So I'm not participating with the shopping crazed millions.  I will be home listening to Christmas music, decorating and being with my fam.  I'm trying to get the "Things and Stuff" part out of Christmas anyway.

Why isn't Christmas THE favorite holiday of all holidays?  What happened?  Did Satan win? Shouldn't Christmas be all about family and being thankful and good food....and Christ?  The only thing added to Christmas that Thanksgiving is missing is the Christ element.

Anyway...I've been thinking a lot about this lately.
Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, but I want to love Christmas even more.....

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S Foster said...

You should have told me about your mom making your crust. Ok, from now on I'll do that for her. You. Whatever. I like the tradition of shopping after Thanksgiving, but don't love the name.