Friday, November 8, 2013

Family Flashback

Aug. 5, 1996
Marcie and Melinda were trying to teach the kids how to do a "real" dive off of the board. All of the kids were doing quite well.   Landon was having a hard time getting the courage to go off of the board in a regular diving position.  Finally Melinda told him that if he would dive she would give him five dollars.  Well he was off the board in nothing flat.  Next came Megan.  She stood on the end of the board for at least five full minutes, in diving position and not moving.  Nothing any one would say would get her off of the board.  Finally Landon succeeded in getting her off by yelling, "Megan, go off! Think of the money.  Think of the money."

Monson made a great observation as he was watching all of the swimmers.  He said, "Mom, I get it.  Boys have chests and girls have swimming suits."
Monson always wears his underpants backwards.  "So I can see the pictures."
He has a very picturesque scene of Batman and Power Rangers etc... He won't let you change them around.  It's that way or naked.

Saturday was Landon's baptism day.  We were sitting in the chapel and the kids and their dads all walked in in their white baptism clothes  Monson looked at them and said, "Hey, there's the Holy Ghost!"

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