Monday, November 25, 2013

Sheri Thanksgiving 2011/2012

I have a Thankful journal that I get out every Thanksgiving and pass around for anyone who wants to write in it what they are grateful for.  It's a treasure.  I came across my mom's from past years and want to share.  It's in her difficult to read, pointy handwriting that she disliked so much.  It was painful for her to write this in the middle of her chemo treatments.

There is not enough paper nor time to write all I am thankful for.  So I will be selective and brief:
1. Priesthood blessings that brings comfort and hope
2. Family--and all it brings--
3. My testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
4. My knowledge that Heavenly Father knows me by name and loves me
5. This beautiful world we have been given to live in
6.  I'm grateful my sweet Lyle is here to comfort me through this "bump" in the road
7. I'm grateful I can still see as good as I can
8. I'm grateful for America and that I live here.
These are just a few.

I am grateful to be on this side of the veil.
I am grateful my family loves each other enough to play, worship and vacation together.
I am grateful for the people who pioneered chemo.
I love Heavenly Father and Jesus and I am grateful they watch over me and give me hugs.
I am grateful my sweetheart is still with me.
I am grateful for the gospel in my life.
I am Thankful!


Carolyn Black said...

I've either got to stop reading your blog, or you have got to stop writing teary things. These are SO Sheri! I miss her. We usually talked the week before Thanksgiving about new pie recipes. I thought about that today and cried. Now you made me cry again.

S Foster said...

So wonderful that you have this! I love it. Your mom was one amazing woman. Always looking outward.