Thursday, November 7, 2013

The party's over....

Our long looked forward to, Florida time has come to an end. We loved being with Add and Bre so much.  Micky and Alex Larsen joined us as well.
Wayne had a good time "spoiling" the kids with things and stuff, food and dinners. 
We went through the animal kingdom and saw the Nemo show and did the Everest roller coaster. We got to hang out in Hollywood and experience the 50's Prime Time cafe with pot roast, shakes and s'mores. The magic kingdom was magical. We got to eat at the new Beauty and Beast restaurant with the Beast. It's booked 6 years out but Bre worked her magic. 
 It was fun to see Addison's work and experience the shows and parades so we get a better understanding of what he does.  He really likes it.  He is in parades as all of the tall characters.  This week Woody
And Goofy
  He does amazing puppetry at Disney jr and as Sebastian in the Mermaid show. He runs around as Beast in the stage show.  

He and Bre continue to try out for other opportunities in the park. 
This is the MI SI CI parade.... Move it. Shake it. Celebrate it.  He practiced this parade over and over in a parking lot at 4 in the morning.  Good thing he likes to dance. 

Bre loved life as Ariel but is so happy to be pregnant. We got to feel baby Welch kick and move. It's very exciting. She is going to be a darling mama 

We got to see the  beginning of Christmas in the park.  So pretty. I only cried a little thinking of my sweet momma and how she soooo wanted to be here. She would be pleased at what Add and Bre are doing-- having an adventure   


S Foster said...

looks like a great trip! So fun to feel the baby kick!

MCC said...

FUN! So happy you got to participate in this part of being a Grandma... Kicks are great.