Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Flashback

May 19, 1996
Now for a Landon story.  The other night he was flossing his teeth and informed his mother that his teacher had said that you needed to use a piece of floss as long as your arm when you floss your teeth.  He started to do so and suddenly stopped and said..."Wow... think how long Uncle Adam's floss would be!"

And then there is Monson.  The other day Melinda was shopping at TJ Maxx and Monson had to go to the bathroom.  To get to the bathroom there you have to go through the lingerie dept.  He saw those tags hanging off of the bras...the ones that show a model wearing the bras.  He said, "Look mom...there are some boobies.."  Melinda said..."Shhh not so loud.  We don't say that. "  So Monson repeated it again even louder and once again Melinda told him not to say it so loud.  Well at that he yelled as loud as he could, "Why not?  I love boobies."

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