Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Flashback

April 14, 1996
 At Loa we drove all over to find the perfect spot to camp.  We found it.  It had a fire pitt and the perfect stream and an out house.  Of course, no one in their right mind would ever go into it.  We all looked up just in time to see Truman looking around to make sure that no one was watching and then he "christened" the outside of the out house.  Gary said that Truman got confused when he heard the name "out house" and thought that he was doing the right Outside thing to the outside of it.

The Welches are great.  Melinda says that that is because she didn't kill any of her boys last week.  They were really a handful.  Things like Monson pulling his pants down and peeing all over the balls at the McDonald play land.  Melinda told the Manager and  he just gave her a grim smile and went to wipe it out.  How can it ever really be clean?  That boy pees EVERYWHERE!

Truman has taken to stuffing his pillow full of goodies during the day so that when he is put to bed he has "something to eat when I get hungry."

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