Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Family Flashback

March 31, 1996
Boy do Wayne and Melinda need a medal for being understanding, patient parents.  Monson is a kick. He is everywhere and anywhere.  He is constant motion.  He thinks he is Batman, Power Ranger and the Karate Kid all wrapped up into one.  He is constantly kicking...flying...shadow punching...doing forward Hand springs...and climbing and jumping on and off of everything.   The other morning, very early, he went into his parents bedroom and wanted to get in bed with them.  Melinda said, "No Monson, go down stairs and watch cartoons. "  He told her, "I'm not  Monson, I is Batman."  So she said, "Okay Batman, go down stairs and watch cartoons."  He replied, "I don't have to mind you.  You aren't my mom.  Batman doesn't have a Mom."  She had to hit Wayne for laughing at her under the covers.
While we were there Monson was looking at his baby book.  When he saw his first baby picture he yelled, "Yook, I is a yive!"

Addison is really excited about going to Loa with the whole family.  He over heard Melinda saying that some of the kids could sleep in the Great Room at the lodge.  He jumped up and down in excitement,  "Yeah we get to sleep in the great room.  I don't know what that is, but I like the sound of it."
 Oh, to be that excited about life.