Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Welch Family Cabin....

We headed to the Welch Family Cabin for Fall Break. I love this cabin because it's still roughing it but with indoor plumbing and shelter.  For electricity you have to start the generator.  It's just rustic enough for me.  We sleep the kids "piled high and deep" in the big upstairs bunk room.   The kids have a lot of great memories surrounding the cabin.   We have made some improvements over the years.  The Madsen's and Mark Welch families put in new wood floor this summer, so the main floor is really nice now.  We still have to kill alot of wasps and other spiders and bugs at the beginning of every trip...sometimes vermin too.   It's all  part of the adventure.
 Wayne loves to chop down dead trees with his chain saw while at the Cabin.
 It was very cold this weekend.  We sat around the fire trying to warm our 38 degree room to 50 degrees. We told ghost stories and laughed and had fun.
 Wayne had all of the kids - Nash, Laila, Holly, Alex - line up to help get the split wood onto the deck.
Uncle Rob.... loves to tease the kids, Laila and Kylie especially. 
I tried to make Rice Krispie Treats, but the marshmallow would not cooperate.  
 Truman was being Paul Bunyan.  He split a ton of wood.......
 Wayne just kept cutting up trees and Tru just kept splitting wood...and we used a lot of it in the fire place in an effort to stay warm.
 We played a lot of card games, rode ATV's, ate smores,  foil dinners, went on walks around the loop, played charades, read books and relaxed.  Ahhhhhh Cabin time!

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