Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spooky Halloween.....

Punkin carving at our house for Family night.....

Me and my twin that grew out of my scary
I love to get my inner witch on the morning of Halloween...and do errands and drive around to catch all of the "looks."  People don't quite know if I'm in costume or not?   It's a riot to make eye contact with little kids and then frown at them....or give them the stink eye....I love it.

Truman asked if he could borrow some of my makeup...and this is what happened. Yikes 
.... I'm doing Halloween donuts  this year.  It was always my mom's thing and she was Soooo gooood at it.   I'm not.  I'm kind of scary at it, so I guess it fits this holiday.  I tried to talk my family into scones instead of donuts, and they revolted.  Can't wait for the smell of sugar and grease to permeate my home for the next week.
 I cried most of last week missing my mom and thinking about all of the holidays coming up that she LOVED. 

Halloween means homemade donuts!  Mom was the donut queen.
 Laila and friends are zombies,  Preston is Mr. Smarty Pants.  Becca is Elliot and ET, Rachel is a lion, Jenna is Kanye West, Tru is Johnny Depp, Gpa Lyle is himself and Marcie is a bearded Red Sox fan!

The Loot.  Laila always chooses the Snickers.  She knows what she likes.

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