Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Working on the Living Room

This is the before pic of the  living room makeover.  I had already started to clear out a bit  but remembered to get one last pic.  Taupe  upper walls, white chair rail, rust lower wall and mostly brown furniture. The colorful buffet is being moved to the entry way. 

After one coat of painting and 6 hours later we are off to a great start !

A week later.....I have sold the coffee table, the trunk and hopefully, the rug.  I spray painted the light fixtures white and kept the ceiling blue. The mirror came down. I can see the pink paint which was the first reincarnation of this room 20 years ago. This room has  been tan and black; pink and cranberry; yellow and blue, then rust and taupe with a blue ceiling and white painted trim.  Now white and more white  

We get windows this week, then curtains go up and all gets put in place.  Can't wait for the big reveal.

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