Sunday, October 6, 2013

Get up.....

I didn't really want to write about my last fall off my bicycle....but I keep thinking about it and after listening to Pres. Uchtdorf's priesthood talk... well, here I go.

I really like to bike.  I like that I can pedal up 1800 south now.  I like to go long and hard....and I really like to go down hill.  It's all very exhilarating.  Biking is also very  exasperating.   I hate it when I fall, and I seem to fall a lot.

So.....Wayne switched out my bike pedal's in an effort to keep me happy and not have my clipped in feet quite so clipped in.  Now I have ones that are easy to get in and out of, but they only clip in one way...and you have to flip the clip around with your feet, while pedaling to figure it out.

On the day of my last fall.....I was feeling pretty good about myself.  ( Pride goeth before the fall.) I had on my new Jelly Belly bike kit.  It was a  beautiful, sunny Wednesday morn.    I waved at Wayne and Eric Belnap who were coming down the street just finishing their walk.  I  hopped on my bike just out of the driveway.  I couldn't  clip in.  As I was struggling to flip it up right, I forgot to pedal, and with zero momentum, I fell on the road, right in front of Wayne and Eric.  It's a good thing I'm not the swearing type, because many expletives went through my head.   As Wayne and Eric ran to my aide, I told them to get away and just leave me alone.    I lay on the street for quite a while, trying to get my act together.   I was MAD!  I  was EMBARRASSED.
Finally I heard my dad's voice in my head, "Get up... Get up."  It was the same voice that told me to get up when I was 10 and slid off of the back of a horse, which then stepped on my foot.    It was a voice filled with love and concern....."Get up...or the horse will step on your other foot."

       I didn't want to get up....but I did.

                   I was ready to put my bike away for good.....but I didn't.

After some falls it's easy to get up quickly, and shake it off with no big deal.  Other falls take a longer time.  But in the end I get up and keep pedaling.

So much like life.  I know Heavenly Father is always there encouraging me to "Get up."  He knows I can do it....and I know I can do it with His help.  Falling is a good reminder about how vulnerable I really am, and how I don't know how to do everything, and I'm not in charge.

I'm still biking.  I'm still figuring out my clips and I still really like to go long and fast.

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