Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the Butters' Bunch '99

We have been doing a lot of cleaning and clearing out at Dad's house.  We have gone through so many pictures.  What to do with all of them?  It's a dilemma.
 I did come across this gem....

BASH 1999.   We had the kids do the "Butters Bunch" sung to the Brady Bunch song.    It was a hoot.  
Monson was Lynette. Truman was Diane. Jenna was Dar...complete with a pooch.  Rachel was Sheri with her gigantic glasses.  Addison was Grandpa with comb and scissors.  Megan was Grandma with her remote and diet soda. Jordan was Steve.  Brad was played by Aaron with his "noodge".... and Landon was Bailey with a horse and a toupee.

Momma Sheri made up these words.......

Here's a story of a great big family
Started by a guy with love light in his eyes
When he saw that redhead, named Eulala
Oh my, he was so wise.

He said "Baby, I think that we should marry
We can go off in the sunset hand in hand."
She said, "well, Ok ...let's have some babies
A family would be grand."

Here's the children they had together
the girls are Darlene, Diane, Lynette and Sharolyn
the boys are Steve and Brad and Bailey and Grant Michael
(He's living now in Heaven.)

Sweet Mother's happy they all got married
And they all had many children of their own,
And those children had lots of children
We're never all alone.

There's an Ostlund, Sweeten, Poulter, Fulton, Morley
There's a Callister, a Call, a Welch, a Brown
There's a Tarrant, Sweeten, Smith and a Butters
An Ostlund and a Cole

There's a Butters, Ashworth, Butters, Black and Poulter
There's the Hills, Poulter, Cole and VonLutzow
And it started with Sir Grant and Sweet Mother
But that was years ago.

The  Butters' Bunch
The Butters' Bunch
All hundred thirty seven-- We're the Butters' Bunch

Every year we try our best to get together
It's call the BASH-- we eat and sleep and laugh and play
We swim and party, love and learn and make memories
We go on night and day

We hope to do this for ever after
til it's so big we have to rent the Taj Mahal
We hope we'll always get together
We always have a ball

We do the BASH
We do the BASH
When we're together we have fun,
We have a Blast!

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MCC said...

I forgot about this. I was so funny!