Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Family Flashback

Feb 4, 1996
The Welch pet cemetery has another occupant.  Addison's bird died.  It was ok when they left for church...but when they returned...the bird was dead in the bottom of the cage.  I feel for Addison.  His gerbil died. His dog died. And now the bird.  This doesn't take into consideration how many fish have bit the dust.  But... his front tooth is still coming down, so the world is ok.  Addison also won a blue ribbon in the school's reflections contest.  This is a big thing in his school so he was pretty happy.

 Melinda and a group of friends have created a "play group" for their little boys Monson's age.  They really have a good time.  Monson can't say play group ...he always says "play deloop."  He was always telling me about "play deloop" and I never knew for the longest time what in the world he was talking about.

On Jan. 21st Truman had his 5th birthday.  He got tons of stuff, but one of the things he thought he wanted was a dinosaur.  One of those plastic or rubber ones to play with.  I didn't get tot the toy store before it closed, so I went to the book store and bought him a couple of dinosaur books.  Well..anyway two days after his birthday he is saying his prayers and right before he said amen he looked up and very quickly said, "Please Heavenly Father, let someone give me a dinosaur.  Amen."  Then he looked up at his mother with a wicked little smile and jumped in bed.   Soooo being a good mother that likes to have dreams come true, she called Liz who had been asking her what to get Tru for his birthday and mentioned the prayer.  Needless to say, Truman believes in the power of prayer.

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