Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Family Flashback

Jan 21, 1996
The Welch boys are as unique and happy as ever. Addison's front tooth that he knocked up into his head, is about halfway down now and looking good.  Landon is still excited about theatre and plays and singing and dancing and socializing and playing and running and being generally out of control.
Truman fell off of a stool the first of December and broke his leg.  He had a Christmas red and green cast put on.  He had to use crutches the first little while and he looked just like Tiny we all called him tiny Trum.  He got off the cast last week, but he still won't put his heel down.  Melinda is taking him back to the Doctor.  Monson is as crazy as ever. He is talking more clear now and he is a real character.  He had his tonsils out three days before Truman broke his leg.  Melinda  was really excited to say the least.  When Landon got his tonsils out his voice went up, up, up...Monson's voice remained the same, hoarse and loud, loud, loud.

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