Wednesday, August 21, 2013

End of Summer

Laila and I went with Annett and Max Eiting to St George for one more bit of frolic before school starts.
We partied, had Swig cookies, flavored drinks and ice cream, slept in, stayed up too late, shopped for school clothes, ate too much,  tried a Starbucks shake, saw the latest Percy Jackson movie, bought 6 bouncy balls, had pool time and sat in the sun.  
We loved watching "Mary Poppins" at Tuacahn.  It wasn't too hot and the show effects were great.  Such  a sweet show filled with valuable lessons and wonderful dancing.  We got home after midnight. That's the hard part.

Laila and Max both pulled out a tooth while on this trip and demanded tooth fairy money on the spot. Crazies.

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