Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What did not get accomplished this summer

So many things went by the wayside this summer while I was wallowing in my no-momma grief, watching too much tv and eating everything. 
I had plans to have a beautiful flower garden….nailed it.

I was going to organize the basement and make a great art space…. Never happened.

I wanted my closet to be made into a walk in closet….. to be fair this almost  happened…and is in the process every other weekend with nephew Brad Bentley kicking in what little spare time he has.  All of my clothes are on the basement floor or sharing Laila’s closet for the past 3 weeks.  My shoes are in buckets and I’m trying to decide on a closet organizer system.  We have bashed my closet into Monson’s closet, so this doubled my space and built him a new one.  I have a lot of painting to do to fix both of these rooms.

I was going to have an electrician come in and put a center light in my bedroom, so we don’t have to live with turning on 5 lamps every night.  We are still flipping switches. Hopefully this can happen with the closet change up.

So now my plans have moved into fall…

First task ….clean out the garage.  This is going to be a family affair happening over labor day weekend.  IT’s not called labor day for nothin.

Second….I’m going to paint the living room white…that’s right, this color girl is moving into the white zone so I can have a space to hang up and show off all of my colorful paintings.  I really wish I had wainscoting half way up,   but  I’m just going to paint what I have  and even paint out the dark fireplace.  I’ll keep the ceiling blue.
Then we are moving the gray furniture into that space and getting new furniture for the family room.   I’m looking for a new  cheap rug to lighten up the space  and going to change the light fixtures as well.
I’m moving out the colorful buffet  ( to the entry way) and the cupboard ( to the office)   and the chaise lounge to the window bay with a white cover on it.  
I’ll paint out the coffee table to a light blue like the ceiling….and ….
I’m kind of excited about all of this.  Now to find the time to do it. 
I have September and I’m determined to get it done.

Maybe I’ll put all of my summer plans back on the fall schedule too.

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