Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Family Flashback

Feb 11, 1996
Addison is so enamored about plays right now that he is directing a neighborhood play.  He found an easy play and cast it with all of the neighbor kids.  He called them all up and asked them if they wanted to be in it.  Melinda is over seeing the project.  They rehearse twice a week.  He is getting all of the costumes and sets and everything.  He is very excited about it.  Of course the star of the play is Landon.  Landon just loves life.  He has great self esteem and thinks that he can do anything he want to do and you know, he is right.  I just hope that no one knocks it out of him.

Monson decided that he wanted to shave like his telling anyone he marched up stairs and got the razor and proceeded to shave.  What he didn't know is that he cut his chin so badly that when he went down stairs, very proud of his shave, and not knowing that he had cut his face, he scared his mother half to death.  He was a bloody mess.  Today the cut still looks pretty bad.  Lyle says that they should have put a little shave stick on it and the stinging would have cured him from shaving for awhile.

Speaking of Monson, he has turned into a social butterfly.  Melinda never knows when she will get a call from a neighbor telling her that Monson is there.  Just last week she got a call from an older couple in the ward, about seventy or so, telling her that Monson had rung their doorbell, walked in, took off his boots and coat and went over to the television, turned it on and started watching it.  They have a granddaughter that is there sometimes, and they thought that Monson thought that she was there.  When they told him she wasn't, he said, "I know," and just kept watching tv with them.

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