Saturday, August 10, 2013

Feeling blue.....

I've had a hard, teary week.   I can't seem to get it together and cry over just about anything.  I had my feelings hurt this week, some work challenges, and Laila's performances...all things I really wanted to share with my mom.  She could have talked me off of the proverbial ledge, helped turn it all around and get me out of my pity party...suffice it to say...I "partied" all week like  a sad sack.
 I am counting my blessings that I had 50 years to be around such a wise and loving mother.   Truly a best friend.   Some daughters never get to experience that.

I was so pleased with Laila in her "Once on this Island" show.  It's a Fable from Haiti  about love,death and forgiveness.  Laila plays little TiMoune...and she was so dramatic and really into it.  Her dance with Big TiMoune was lovely and she just really did well.   She was joined by her cousin Becca Welch and friend Emily Mortensen.  Cousin Megan Call directed it.  I love that Laila loves theatre.  It was our first production since Mom's passing.....she would have been to every performance!
Sara Wilson with Laila
Laila, Emily, Becca
I'm not really looking forward to teacher meetings in St. George this next week.  I get teary just thinking about it.  I have shared a bed and room with mom for years now at these meetings.  It was a wonderful bonding time for us.   I was always so proud of her...she had to learn new technology and online schooling even though she wasn't  savvy at all...but she just did it.  I was kind of protective of her and her degenerating eye sight...her nose was right up against her screen.  It would have been so discouraging for me but she just kept pressing on, always looking on the bright side and being a team player for the teachers even through her cancer treatments and not feeling good at all.
It will be difficult for me to be there without her.  I hope they are ready for a sea of tears... I have to make sure I have a lot of tissues.

I don't look happy in this pic... But I was.  I had my mouth full of a shock block to keep my energy up.  Wayne is a cutie though!
OH my.... I had a tough bike ride today.   We-- Me, Wayne, Eric Belnap and Braden Haskell-- rode a 50 miler out to Saltair and back.   I was doing great even with a horrible head wind til the last 3 miles, then I just "ran out of gas."  I was pedaling  up NSL center street, the light turned red, and once again I didn't have the strength to yank my shoes off of the clips.... I stayed clipped in, called out Wayne's name and fell on the road... Right at the intersection with cars everywhere.  So embarrassing.  My tire was bent and my ego deflated.  Wayne has since, mended my spirits by not making me bike up the last hill to our house, and taking my bike to get fixed and having new easy clip pedals put on.  After a year or wrestling with the other clips, it will be a nice change.     We are in training for a 65 miler in Logan at the end of the month.

We got Mom's marker installed at the cemetery.  It looks great...although a bit disconcerting to see dad's name there as well.

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Stecky said...

I haven't checked your sight often enough. You write such great posts. I didn't know you were a biker chick and now I find out that you are more of a biker than me! I ride ten miles 6 days a week with a few little jaunts here and there, but I love my bike. It has helped me to get such a healthy attitude. I think my favorite part is when I am's a great 'secret closet' that I can use to talk to Heavenly Father. I have received guidance and hugs on the trail. You are in my prayers, you have so many hard 'firsts' to go through without your mom. I need to cherish my family more. Thank you.